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Murals of Artists and Personalities

Murals of Artists and Personalities in the city of Santiago generate great interest for national and foreign visitors with images captured on walls of the urban area with very talented plastic artists, where it is evidenced in those murals that will remain in history.

Outstanding figures of Music, Cinema, Sports, Art in general, promoting our heroes and national symbols, are part of the Cultural Route, declared by the Municipal Council, as Cultural Heritage of Santiago.

The hundreds of City Murals that are scattered throughout different sectors of the municipality, every day arouse greater interest on the part of national and foreign tourists, attracted by the most complete urban art gallery in the Dominican Republic, a great initiative of Mayor Abel Martínez, put underway since his first period at the head of the Santiago City Council.

The great transformation of the heart city has motivated diplomatic representatives from dozens of countries to meet in this city, creating a historical precedent with the presence on the same day of twenty-two dignitaries from the same number of nations. Also, Robin Bernstein, the former United States ambassador to our country, toured the murals and ended up dancing merengues in Los Pepines.

The route of the city murals, which is carried out free of charge by the Mayor’s Office and coordinated by the cultural manager, Yanilsa Cruz, has also been traveled by a large delegation made up of university rectors and personalities from the tourism field of Panama, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada and Colombia, who were able to learn about the architecture of the city and the color of its beautiful murals.

Santiago de los Caballeros is adorned with all the faces of Dominican art that stand out in all areas and that adorns Our Heart City and serves as a unique tourism that only this piece of Cibao land offers.

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How to get to the Murals of Artists and Personalities: