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Amber Museum, an interesting world!

Amber Museum of Santo Domingo Exhibits a diverse collection of amber stones with insects, plants and small vertebrates of great interest to those who are unaware of these fossils inside resins thousands of years old.

The Amber Museum preserves historical and scientific details of the vegetation of that time, the animals that were fossilized in amber and everything related to the formation and characteristics of amber.

It consists of panels and showcases that offer the visitor all the information related to each of the aspects mentioned in them, as well as the opportunity to observe amber through a microscope, carry out simple experiments and even watch audiovisuals.

For the interest of those who visit this wonderful place, it has: 40 showcases with specialties, 2 MAG-50 microscopes, 3 videos, experiments for children, murals, dioramas and the Internet.

The Amber Museum is located in the area of ​​the old city in a restored 18th century colonial construction and its interior spaces have been conditioned according to the destination that was going to be assigned to it as the museum’s headquarters.

In Santo Domingo they are the pioneers in the production and marketing of larimar and amber jewelry in the Dominican Republic. Since 1985 we have dedicatedly served the national and international market through our various brands and business units.

Amber and copal preserve organisms with true fidelity and are well known for preserving ultrastructural detail over geological time scales. However, the quality of inclusions varies widely between amber deposits and appears to be coupled to numerous factors such as chemistry. of the resin, the sedimentary environment or the degree of sclerotization of the inclusion.

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