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Aquamundo in Sambil Santo Domingo

Aquamundo is one of the most beautiful and unique places to share in the city of Santo Domingo, where you can find varieties of coffee, snacks, healthy foods, desserts and other snacks.

Aquamundo, is the first thematic aquarium in the Dominican Republic, divided into 5 zones, each recreated in a different way for the exhibition of various species, marine and terrestrial. The first zone corresponds to the Aztec Ruins, followed by the Garden of Corals and Colors, the Shark Tunnel, where our beloved Jorgito, Amazonas and Caribbean Dream are found.

During the tour, in the aquarium in Santo Domingo, you will find different endemic species of the Dominican Republic and other landscapes. Also, you will enjoy several areas of interaction, you can touch the starfish and feed the Koi fish.

We also have a space dedicated to reptiles, where you will meet Blue Tongue Lizards, Bearded Dragons, Corn Snakes and Morrocoy Turtles, you will live a unique experience, full of learning in the interaction with animals.

Aquamundo, being the most beautiful and modern aquarium in Santo Domingo, has 6 years since its creation in the aquarium level of Sambil Santo Domingo. It has a size of around 1600 square meters and 74 independent exhibits with different endemic species from all over the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean and around the world.

In keeping with the mission, it is one of the places to share, integrating educational information with beautiful exhibits, providing a stimulating and fun learning environment. The complete experience will delight children and adults.

Far from being just an aquarium, we are a company with social responsibility, committed to the environment. Aquamundo Sambil redirects part of its efforts to frequently carrying out activities such as coastal cleanups, educational talks, activities for schools and camps, related to the conservation of animals in general, especially life in the ocean.

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How to get to Aquamundo in Plaza Sambil: