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Arroyo Hondo Theme Park

Arroyo Hondo Theme Park is a place surrounded by history, culture and adventures located in the Arroyo Hondo Community, San José de las Matas on the Inoa River, belonging to Santiago.

It is a historic place because it was the first hydroelectric plant in the Caribbean, built in 1942 to supply water to the entire city of SAJOMA, but the flow of the Inoa River has dropped a lot and the plant has been closed.

It is a remodeled, spacious and excellent place for events, it has a zip line, a swimming pool, a gazebo, it should be noted that you must reserve for the zip line and food, at least 24 to 48 hours before. General admission is quite affordable and you pay extra for the zip line.

The river is very nice with a calm flow, after touring the complex and enjoying the wonders it has, you can capture those moments with beautiful photos and videos, since the place lends itself to that.

San José de las Matas is a municipality of Santiago de los Caballeros with a lot of tourist potential and in addition to the parks it has, you will find countless beautiful villas that will make you fall in love with this wonderful place.

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How to get to the Arroyo Hondo Theme Park: