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Eduardo Brito National Theater

The Eduardo Brito National Theater or simply called the National Theater is one of the most emblematic buildings in the Dominican Republic, which gains its importance due to the visionary idea with which it was built.

It is located in the southeast of the National District, Santo Domingo de Guzmán, on Máximo Gómez Ave., right on the path of line one of the Santo Domingo Metro, with one of the Santo Domingo Metro stops being the Casandra Damirón stop.

The National Theater is the main venue for Dominican art, hosting the most important award ceremony in the Dominican Republic, the Sovereign Awards produced by the *Dominican National Brewery* and awards all facets of Dominican art and which is the most important award ceremony in the Republic. Dominican.

In the National Theater, the highest stage of the Dominican theater, it is required to attend with a dress according to the presentations: some of great solemnity, others less formal. That is why we reserve the right of admission to people with inappropriate clothing, such as shorts, Bermuda shorts, miniskirts, jeans (unless it is a children’s show), sports shoes, sandals, among others.

In the Sala Ravelo informal costumes are dressed, as long as they are appropriate to the venue, it is one of the important places that take care of the subtlety and delicacy of clothing so that elegance is seen in a uniform and beautiful way.

The halls of the National Theater are part of the charm of the building. On all three levels, beautiful sculptures can be seen. The lobby of the first level, before the Carlos Piantini Hall, displays the bust of Eduardo Brito, the great Dominican baritone, and the bust of the German composer Ludwig Van Beethoven.

The entire exterior of our building is covered with Travertine marble, including the columns and interior walls. The stairways and stairwells in the foyers are covered in black marble, creating a beautiful contrast with the red carpeting and mahogany handrails.

Hanging lamps are added to all these details. They are hanging spheres of different sizes with a very peculiar design: inside they have small drops of different sizes. From below, these lamps appear to be shimmering raindrops or luminous soap bubbles falling on different planes.

The Dominican Republic has several theaters but the most important and iconic is El Gran Teatro Nacional for its architecture and for the fact that today it is the most important center for events and plays in the country.

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How to get to the Eduardo Brito National Theatre: