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Los Tres Ojos National Park

Los Tres Ojos National Park is a cave that has a freshwater lake, naturally divided into three lakes that can only be seen from the inside and a single lake that can be seen without having to be inside. Located in the Santo Domingo Este municipality in the Dominican Republic.

The name of the park derives from the eye shape that can be seen in the three interior lakes. It should be noted that there is only one lake that can be seen from the outside. It was discovered in 1916. It is believed that the cave was frequented by ancient aborigines of La Spanish.

Among the interesting things that the complex has are four primary lakes, which are:

Aguas Azufradas Lake: It is four meters deep and a whitish component can be seen at its bottom that was thought to be sulfur, hence the name of the lake, but later it was discovered that it was calcium and other minerals.

La Nevera Lake: It is 5.4 meters deep; It is the coldest of the three, since sunlight does not reach it. The most interesting thing is that its temperature varies between 15 and 21 ºC.

Lago de las Damas: 2.5 meters deep in the deepest area. Formerly used as a spa for women and children, it is a sanctuary that keeps many interesting stories.

Los Zaramagullones Lake: The curious name given to the lake is due to some native ducks in the area. At 6.1 meters deep, the beautiful lake is surrounded by exuberant vegetation, since it is the only cavity that is found in the open air.

Within this ecological paradise you can take boat tours inside the caves, you will be able to see that some caves communicate with others and will allow you to contemplate on the walls the curious drawings of the ancient Tainos.

The entire route that is made is interesting and we must be attentive to the petroglyphs and handmade ceramic items, these discoveries being unique wonders that you can only appreciate in this beautiful place.

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