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Visita Dominicana

National Palace of the Dominican Republic

The National Palace was inaugurated on August 16, 1947, it is the seat of the Dominican Government and represents the symbol of Dominican sovereignty and is the scene of important decision-making for the development of the country.

The gardens that the palace has, among the architectural styles that converge in the construction of the Palace, we can appreciate the neoclassical, Italian Renaissance and Greco-Roman.

The majestic dome of the National Palace is a work of art 18 meters in diameter by 34 meters high. It combines different eras of fine arts, such as the Victorian, Neoclassicism and the Italian Renaissance.

The building consists of three levels where the first level houses the general service facilities, the second level houses the entrance and main lobby, as well as the Governing Council Room and the offices of the President, Vice President and various officials.

The third level contains the reception rooms: Ambassadors Room, Caryatids Room, Green Room, Bar Room, Main Dining Room and the President’s private areas.

The National Palace, in addition to being the headquarters of all the presidents of the last decades, is a unique architectural monument that enchants when you manage to penetrate and socialize with the people who preside over us.

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How to get to the National Palace: