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Los Cocos Wind Park

Los Cocos Wind Park a beauty rising to the height of a 40-story building, it is almost impossible to understand the magnitude of these wind turbines until you pass very close on the road.

It has become an important tourist attraction that allows at the same time to promote the most efficient energy alternatives for the protection and conservation of the environment. For its good work, the young project has already received important distinctions such as the National Award for Cleaner Production or the Atabey Award in the category of Alternative Energy, among others.

Los Cocos Wind Park is not only the largest in the Caribbean and Central America, but it is also the first in the Dominican Republic connected to the national grid. With a capacity of 77 megawatts, its 40 wind turbines generate enough energy to keep a million light bulbs lit.

Visiting the Park is giving yourself the opportunity to delve into the information available on the conservation of our planet through new energy alternatives, this wind farm is the largest in the Caribbean and Central America. Through guided tours, which last at least an hour, it is possible to learn how this important space works.

In addition to leaving with new knowledge, there is also a sale of souvenirs and handicrafts that capture the essence and vision of the first wind farm in the Dominican Republic, Los Cocos Eolico Park, which extends from Juancho, Pedernales, to Enriquillo, Barahona, in the southwestern Dominican Republic.

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