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Saladilla Beach

Saladilla Beach is a mystical, wild and extremely beautiful place, you can navigate its beautiful waters, enjoy the beach with strong waves and gray sand where green turtles lay their eggs (mainly between the second and third week of September) and enjoy the live flora and fauna.

Saladilla Beach has a natural barrier reef, which makes it a space with calm and shallow waters. Its proximity to the city center makes it a place to be rescued and cared for, as it is a point of great tourist confluence in the area.

This beach has a spectacular view of the Loma del Curro and the Punta de la Sierra Martín García, in addition to a beautiful natural setting, it is one of the greatest assets in the area, with potential for tourism and ecotourism development in the entire region. .

It is a perfect place to get to know with an accredited guide, because the place is still so virgin that there are certain spots that cannot even be reached. Walk along the trails, get to know the viewpoint and of course navigate through the lagoons and canals.

While you make the tour through the canals you can enjoy the diversity of Saladilla; In the area there are coatis, raccoons, congos, tapirs and many species of animals. Take into account that it is a very rainy place, so it is recommended that you go prepared. In September and October are the months in which the climate is driest in the place.

This place is not very well known, but I show it to you so that you can find out about interesting and virgin places that the Dominican Republic and the Province of Barahona have, it is incredible how in a piece of land you can find so many paradises.

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How to get to Playa Saladilla: