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Rincon Lagoon

Rincon Lagoon is also called and known as Laguna de Cabral, it is the largest freshwater lagoon in the country, with 28 square kilometers, it houses a variety of flora and fauna so rich as to make it a protected scientific reserve.

Thriving in and around the lagoon and its surrounding subtropical forests and mangroves are freshwater turtles, iguanas, and more than 50 species of birds, including flamingos, pelicans, herons, and Florida ducks.

The varieties of fish are: the roncador, the bosu, the sábalo or macho, the Chinese old woman, the Dominican old woman, the guavina, the firefighter, etc. and among the birds are: the water hen, the flamingo, the duck, the heron, behuso, cigua, etc.

Rincon Lagoon  located in the eastern part of the Neiba Valley, between the communities of Cabral, Peñón, Cristóbal and La Lista, belonging to the Barahona and Independencia provinces. The area is approximately 20 km from the coast. It includes the Cabral or Rincón lagoon and the surrounding wetlands.

The total area of ​​the refuge is 65 km² and 44% of the area is covered by the lagoon. Appropriate for bird watching, it is necessary to do it by boat suing the locals. The Cabral or Rincón lagoon is the second largest inland water body and is the largest freshwater body in the Dominican Republic.

It has been a source of income for the municipality of Cabral and surrounding towns such as El Peñón, Fundación or Cristóbal Municipality, that is something wonderful, since apart from being a beautiful attraction for visitors, it is a source of income for locals.

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