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The Swallows Waterfall, Hermanas Mirabal Province

The Swallows Waterfall is a spectacular waterfall with a large natural pool at the foot of the waterfall, it is located in the community of Las Tres Cruces in the province of Hermanas Mirabal, in the north of the Dominican Republic.

To get to where the waterfall is located in the “Las Tres Cruces” community, you have to walk for approximately an hour and a half through areas of Monte Llano in Salcedo, a municipality in the Hermanas Mirabal province.

It takes about an hour and a half to get there, the place is little known and little frequented. It is advisable to go with a guide who knows the way, have good shoes, water and appropriate clothing for this type of excursion.

The Swallows Waterfall is one of the wonders hidden in the mountains of our country, which is still in a totally virgin state. It is generally dry and you have to take advantage of it when there are heavy rains in the area, but it is impressive when it has a strong flow.

It should be noted that this place is one of the most beautiful that our beautiful island has, although it is deep in the thick forest, it is worth making the journey and enjoying this beautiful experience.

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How to get to The Swallows Waterfall: