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Waterfall of the Swallows

Waterfall of the Swallows is an unusual attraction where the route is for adventurers because of the route that must be done, there will come a time when you have to leave the vehicle and go on foot, you have to walk a lot to reach the waterfall but On the way you see many more puddles, it is a bit of a hard journey on foot for people who are not used to it, bring water and some food and preferably go in the company of a guide.

It is advisable to bring a lot of water, food and comfortable shoes for adventure purposes, please do not contaminate the area, you will find several signs that will tell you, let’s help preserve hidden jewels of our country, it is located in the community of Las Tres Cruces in the province from Hermanas Mirabal, north of the Dominican Republic.

It is a unique experience, in order to get there it is necessary to be careful and go with a local guide to make sure you reach the destination safely, protected and thus avoid getting lost on the way, which is important so that you arrive on time and be able to enjoy the beauty of the nature that the place offers.

Definitely a dream place, its beautiful crystal clear waters, running noisily with a docile current makes your body feel relaxed and its trees around the waters give the spirit that peace that makes your body feel free and relaxed.

It has a natural source of crystal clear water that makes your stay worthwhile, it is a hidden paradise that people who come to that place fall in love with the place and can enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.

It is the right place to practice hiking and for adventurers who like to know and enjoy places like this, it is indicated for that type of public and we assure you that you will not regret this experience.

Every step we take is essential because we bring important things for the contribution of our society and other awareness of the beautiful places that the Dominican Republic has and also has interesting things, looking for cognitive skills to help growth.

Waterfall of the Swallows is a fundamental part of the biodiversity and beauty of the Caribbean within a well-protected lung that serves as leisure and the favorite place to go together as a family, as a couple or alone.

This place must be the jump or favorite place for local and international visitors that institutions in charge of publicizing places like this will emphasize this wonderful paradise.

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How to get to Waterfall of the Swallows: