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Aguas Blancas Falls, a natural pool!

Aguas Blancas Falls a natural paradise that has a pool of cold crystal clear waters with great beauties around it with well-built pedestrian bridges, ideal for an unforgettable adventure and beautiful photos.

Aguas Blancas Falls  is located on a plateau, where the Aguas Blancas waterfall is one of the highest in the Caribbean, dropping some 83 meters to a large, cold, jade-colored pool embraced by terrain covered in tall pines and green ebony trees.

The approximately 10-kilometre drive to the waterfall is a fun and adventurous climb, ATV required, through Constanza’s deep forests and shack-filled mountain villages, past fields of sweet corn, potatoes and carrots.

Pedestrian bridges and a wooden platform allow you to observe it from up close, and you can descend further to lower pools. This area is also ideal for bird watching and mountain hiking.

Temperatures are low in this area, particularly in the mornings when they drop below zero and from November to March you must be careful when entering the cold water due to the risk of hypothermia.

The falls are located in a waterfall of the Aguas Blancas stream, a tributary of the Grande del Medio River, within the Valle Nuevo National Park, it is for adventurers and lovers of the unknown, it is a true visual delight.

It is a waterfall located about 20 kilometers from the town of Constanza, located at 2200 meters above sea level in the Valle Nuevo Scientific Reserve, in the eastern part of the Central Mountain Range. With its 83 meters of free fall and its average water temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, it is the only place in the West Indies that has alpine vegetation.

The whole landscape from the beginning of the road is splendid, starting from the Japanese colony, with its fields of flowers, carrots, potatoes and other vegetables, from there you can also enjoy the beauty. and the splendor of Valle Nuevo and Aguas Blancas, with their mountains and cultures, while enjoying a cool temperature of around 12 degrees Celsius.

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How to get to Aguas Blancas Falls: