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Alta Vista Restaurant, beauty and prestige!

Alta Vista Restaurant is a perfect hilltop wonder that aims to offer the highest quality dining experience in a mountainous setting but with the conveniences of the city.

This is one of the best and exquisite restaurants in the province of La Vega, with an extraordinary gastronomy that drives the palate crazy, with a well-extended menu when choosing your favorite dish, with a great quality and hygiene system, a staff highly qualified when it comes to offering his services, and a beautiful view that you will not regret enjoying again.

The people who frequent it say for sure that it is a spectacular place with personalized attention accompanied by an exquisite variety of dishes, the view and the attention that they give you make the place a unique experience to share with the people you love and that you would like to amaze.

The name of Alta Vista is because that wonderful restaurant is on top of a mountain combined with the best tastes in the architecture of the place, the beautiful area with a heliport, including helicopters for personalized tours for the most demanding tastes.

The restaurant serves as a meeting point for the Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Ferrari and BMW teams, in short, it is the most important center in the Dominican Republic to meet, clear your mind and get out of the monotony with the best dream service.

Alta Vista Restaurant with all the attributes it has and the most beautiful view of the Cibao, from there you can see the entire Cibao valley and also part of Jarabacoa and the virgin nature around it.

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