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Baiguate waterfall in Jarabacoa!

Baiguate waterfall is a perfection of nature forming the perfect paradise for the most beautiful experience with nature and its crystal clear waters with the intense greenery of its wooded area.

It is a waterfall that is characterized by being a waterfall in stairs, so the most daring can climb it and jump into the water once on top. However, it should be noted that the climb is very dangerous, so special care is recommended.

Baiguate waterfall is a beautiful waterfall located in a beautiful canyon, and, although it is not as impressive as the Jimenoa waterfalls, it is a beautiful place to spend a relaxing and refreshing day in Jarabacoa. This waterfall is named after the river that forms it, the Baiguate River.

A perfect natural pool awaits you at Salto de Baiguate, with a 25-meter waterfall, hidden under a canyon easily accessible through a series of wooden steps that lead directly into the water.

Its emerald-colored freshwater pool goes from shallow to deep as you approach the waterfall. The ride to this protected area, about 20 minutes from the city, reveals the charming landscape of a farming village on the edge of the mountain.

If you feel brave, you can also do a canyoning excursion that ends with a rappel to descend the Salto de Baiguate, this feat is for adventurers and adrenaline lovers.

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How to get to Baiguate waterfall: