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El Mogote, a wonder of Jarabacoa!

El Mogote is a paradise in the mountains with a spectacular view located in Jarabacoa at about 1,560 meters above sea level that serves as an observer peak for different cities.

Reaching the top of El Mogote, the closest peak to Jarabacoa, is a physically challenging yet immersive experience. The three-hour climb will take you to its peak, located at 1,163 meters high, you will walk through thick pine forests and vegetation, as well as steep slopes of rocky land until you reach the top.

A very underestimated mountain, but of great beauty and technical difficulty to conquer its top, it is for adventurers who like to explore new paradises, it is simply spectacular.

You’ll encounter coffee trees and berry bushes before finally reaching the last stretch and reaching the caretaker’s hut at the top. You will walk up the steps of the observation tower and forget your aches and pains: a panoramic view of the green valleys and mountains that surround Jarabacoa awaits you, and all the way to Constanza.

In the Mogote it is magnificent to camp overnight, and seeing the sunrise is something sublime due to the rising of the sun hiding between the trees and filling you with vitamin E that makes us de-stress and we can have peace.

This route is popular for camping, hiking and other nature walks, however you can enjoy some peace during the quieter times of the day. The route is open all year round and is perfect to visit at any time.

This beautiful, but demanding path offers spectacular views of the valley. After making the trek up the mountain, you can camp at the top where a park ranger house is located.

The mogote is one of the most visited and tourist places in Jarabacoa and offers one of the best views of the Valley, where you can see the city of Santiago la Vega Moca between And of course Jarabacoa.

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How to get to El Mogote: