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Jamaca de Dios Restaurant in Jarabacoa

Jamaca de Dios Restaurant is the only 360-degree revolving restaurant in the entire Caribbean, making this space a paradise without comparison, it is located between the mountains of Palo Blanco and Pinar Quemado de Jarabacoa, about 900 meters above sea level.

Jamaca de Dios Restaurant is a space to inspire with the spectacular beauty of Jamaca de Dios, a beautiful place where you can enjoy an exclusive atmosphere visited by national and foreign tourists who delight in culinary works.

The always magical view in our revolving floor, the first restaurant with a revolving floor in the Caribbean where we host special dinners for couples or large private parties, they strive to make your stay the best experience of your life.

In this paradise you will enjoy the most exclusive atmosphere and you will taste the most exquisite food in the only revolving restaurant located in the beautiful mountains of Jarabacoa.

It is a place away from the city that allows you to take a break from daily life where you can go with your partner or family and have a unique contact with nature, it has excellent food, drinks and a unique treatment for each client.

The upper part of Jamaca de Dios Restaurant has the peculiarity of being built on a platform that rotates 360 degrees, thus offering its customers a unique and incomparable experience.

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