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Jimenoa waterfall, a paradise in Jarabacoa!

Jimenoa waterfall shows national and foreign tourists one of the most beautiful pictures that nature can offer in the Dominican Republic, it is located in Jarabacoa, belonging to the Province of La Vega.

The Jimenoa waterfall extends over rock formations and at the end there is a beach. You can see the moss on the rocks and the aquatic vegetation, which is a unique spectacle.

Located around a hydroelectric dam, walking the three suspension bridges around this mighty waterfall and its pools can take a few hours as you will have to spend some time marveling at the mountainous landscape and the beauty of the Jimenoa River.

You will be able to swim in the lower sections of the river and in its shallow banks but not in the pools of the main waterfall, since the waterfall falls from 40 meters causing strong currents.

A second smaller waterfall known as Salto de Jimenoa Uno is located on the main road to Constanza deep in a ravine, requiring downhill to reach its magnificent 75 meter waterfall and pool.

In an interesting ecotourism attraction to visit in this city and do not forget to bring your swimsuit to enjoy the spa, you will fall in love with the pure environment that permeates peace and tranquility.

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How to get to Jimenoa waterfall: