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La Confluencia Ecological Park

La Confluencia Ecological Park is a tourist place where the union of two important aquifer sources, El Rio Yaque del Norte and El Rio Jimenoa, which when joined create small pools between the rocks, they bathe the city from the east and from the west, is located just ten minutes from downtown Jarabacoa.

Spa-like bubble areas allow groups of friends or family to relax in a circle. Bring your picnic and cooler to enjoy on the spacious lawns, or grab a bite to eat at the on-site snack bar.

You can also rent horses, ideal for family rides through this spacious green area and seeing the beauty of the union of two rivers is so beautiful and at the same time experiencing different temperatures in one place.

The Ecological Park has a small cafeteria and some stands that offer food and drinks, you will see there children and adults who offer horse rental to ride as I already mentioned and it makes this day something beautiful.

The avenue that leads to the spa is planted with trees that are accompanied by green lots that have not yet been inhabited, which makes your journey very pleasant.

During the summer months, the Confluence welcomes thousands of visitors who arrive by car, bus or sometimes on foot to enjoy with family or friends its peaceful atmosphere and pleasant climate.

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How to get to La Confluencia Ecological Park: