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Monument of the Divine Child

The Monument of the Divine Child is a blessed place full of peace, it is a sanctuary for the believers of Jesus Christ, specifically Catholics, the view is something phenomenal due to the height where it is located, it is located in Constanza which in turn belongs to the Vega .

If you’re looking for the most spectacular view of Constanta, head to this 15-meter-high monument near the town. This handcrafted statue was designed by Dominican sculptor Ramón Osorio in 2011. It is the creation of a man who was cured twice of advanced cancer and became a believer as a result.

It is located more than 1,600 feet high and can be entered through a popular street called Gajo del Maíz, entering through the El Cercado de Constanza section, it is a wonder of the heights that connects with God in a sublime way.

Hundreds of people arrive weekly by different routes, many on foot, others by motor or heavy vehicle, to pay tribute to this religious figure who is very attractive from the moment you see her when you enter Constanza.

The Divino Niño statue is 26 feet tall and weighs 12 tons. Dozens of devotees arrive to worship this saint, while others take advantage of the visit and enjoy its surroundings, where they can see a beautiful panorama that encompasses the Constanza valley.

Residents from all over the country visit this monument to Christ as a place of spirituality and to enjoy its panoramic views and the peace that is breathed and the encounter with God is something inexplicable.

There is an offering chamber, a souvenir shop and a chapel where mass is celebrated once a month, it is an inspiration for the devotees of the Divine Child, where believers go to ask for their miracles.

It is the Sanctuary of the Divine Child, which is located about twenty minutes from Constanza and which every day takes on greater religious importance for all the believers who visit it and who often travel from distant points in the Dominican Republic.

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