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The Colonial Ruins of La Vega Vieja

The Colonial Ruins of La Vega Vieja is an interesting tourist attraction. If you have already visited the colonial zone of Santo Domingo, you know how amazing the experience of walking through centuries of architectural history is.

The town of La Vega Vieja, originally called Concepción de la Vega, was founded in December 1494 on the island of Hispaniola. The Fort of La Concepción was established there, defending the site from any land attack. This is a historic place, as it is here that one of the first two dioceses in America was erected.

The colonial history of the Dominican Republic continues in La Vega Vieja, a city that Christopher Columbus founded two years after arriving on the island. The town was destroyed by an earthquake in 1562, and the survivors resettled on the current site of the city of The Vega.

Today it is a National Park that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. More than a tourist place, it is a protected natural area that you should include in your plans in La Vega.

Over time the ruins of the city were left underground. This made many people think that the historic city had collapsed after the earthquake. This hypothesis, however, has been ruled out by researchers, as has the myth that the Virgen de las Mercedes interceded in favor of the Spaniards in the battle of Santo Cerro.

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How to get to the Colonial Ruins of La Vega Vieja: