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Buen Hombre Beach

Buen Hombre Beach is an interesting coast, being a place characterized by being a paradise full of peace and tranquility, located in the Municipality of Villa Vásquez in the Province of Monte Cristi.

Buen Hombre Beach is well known to kitesurfers due to its white sand and its kite school, where they will teach you how to ride the intense waves along this wild Atlantic coast. Located in a fishing village, you’ll find plenty of shady spots, as well as casual seafood restaurants and bars.

Expert swimmers are recommended to venture into these waters, as there are multiple currents and sudden falls, which make a perfect place for adventurers to feel adrenaline and explore its crystal clear waters.

Although it belongs to the Province of Monte Cristi, it is far from the usual routes, one hour east of San Fernando de Montecristi, it should be noted that coming to this wonderful place will fill your being with joy due to the peace it offers and the tranquility it permeates.

It is a true jewel, with a lot of breeze and a welcoming shade, The coast or Playa de Buen Hombre is a cozy place, the view of the coast is very beautiful, ideal to spend a day, take photos and get to know a new place in the Republic Dominican.

It is a place in full tourist development, even with some opportunities, but it is worth visiting, it has a hotel called Buen Hombre, it has great opportunities, especially the rooms, but it is good to spend a night in case you decide to spend more than one day on the spot.

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