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The Hill of Monte Cristi, beautiful and radiant!

The Hill of Monte Cristi is a beautiful adornment made by mother nature and a dramatic outcrop of limestone, rising 242 meters above sea level, adorning the coastal scenery of Montecristi.

It should be noted that it is the most striking attraction in the north of the country, you can take interesting photos due to the different scenarios that have been added over time, it is highly visited by tourists from all over the country and the world.

One of the main hallmarks of Morro beach is the beauty of its elements, let’s say its refined sand and clear waters, which make up one of the most beautiful landscapes in the park.

With one of the most impressive and unique views in the Dominican Republic, the subtropical dry forest landscape around El Morro is surrounded by extensive areas of mangroves that can be seen up close, on foot or by boat, through a network of pathways. interior waterways and lagoons where you can enjoy a refreshing swim.

Iguanas, as well as numerous species of birds, live between the mangroves and the forest of El Morro, such as frigatebirds, herons, egrets, American oystercatchers and waterfowl, including migratory species.

From the beach you can also see one of the park’s landmarks, which is known as “El Morro”; It is a large geological formation that is found among the waters of the beach.

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How to get to The Hill of Monte Cristi: