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Monte Cristi Bay

The Monte Cristi Bay is an interesting paradise that is located in Monte Cristi as the name implies, it is close to Playa Juan de Bolaños, and to the southeast of Cayo Ahogado offshore they are filled with migratory birds and offer isolated white sand beaches.

The border province of Montecristi presents a wild and captivating landscape, ideal for adventures out of the ordinary, it is also named The Jewel of the Northwest, rice and banana plantations, goats and giant cacti are found along the road that takes you to salt ponds and limestone cliffs that hug the Atlantic Ocean and its waves.

It is an impressive place of great calm and friendly and hospitable people, its beautiful view makes this place a beautiful paradise, it should be noted that this bay has an extensive area of ​​crystal clear turquoise waters, it is so wonderful to visit this place that the attractions it has make that you fall in love with the place.

Among the things that Monte Cristi Bay has is the largest and scientifically healthy reef due to its healing functions that rocky mineral possesses. In the distance and along the Montecristi Bay is one of the best snorkeling and diving of the country, Cayo Siete Hermanos, a series of seven keys that are also nesting areas for brown boobies and other migratory birds.

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