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Juan de Bolaños Beach, very beautiful beach!

Juan de Bolaños Beach is a white sand beach and its turquoise blue waters that combined is a visual wonder located in San Fernando de Monte Cristi, it is also a place with a pier to capture your visit with beautiful photos.

Very historic Playa Juan de Bolaños was given that name, because Montecristi was founded by 60 Canarian families in 1533, in addition to keeping a fascinating history it has spectacular attractions.

It is an excellent beach to enjoy with your family, if you are one of those who enjoys calm and shallow waters, then this is the perfect beach for you, you must visit it so that they do not tell you and you can live this unforgettable experience.

It is located in the heart of the town and is conveniently located on the boulevard facing the sea that offers views of the iconic El Morro cliff, these are those places that make you fall in love from the first moment you see it.

Weekends are busier, with families barbecuing and swimming along this picturesque stretch. A number of hotels and restaurants are located on the other side of the beach and within walking distance, with easy access and affordable prices.

The Dominican Republic has thousands of impressive tourist destinations that we would take a long time to visit, this place impregnates that joy of the Caribbean and its people are very nice and cheerful.

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How to get to Juan de Bolaños Beach: