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Los Cocos Beach, a great virgin place!

Los Cocos Beach is a virgin beach with many attractions and things to discover and is located east of Loma de los Cocos, and north of Laguna Los Conucos, belonging to the Municipality of Villa Vásquez in Monte Cristi.

It is a virgin beach, it is part of a natural environment that must learn to be valued by people, since they have not been used for tourism, which is the main use that is given to it, in addition to constructions or other services for private use.

That is why if you go in a group and the plan is to stay, it is better to take what is necessary to camp and also to store waste and leave the beach clean, and thus contribute to these beauties of delight, freshness, reflection, fun and the charm does not fade.

On this beach you can usually appreciate living nature through many ways, some of these are: The species of animals, marine and terrestrial that live in a natural habitat, plants, coral reefs, rocks, springs that sprout directly to the sea among other delicacies that contribute to enriching the planet.

To contribute to our Mother Nature, we urge all those who have the opportunity to visit any of this beach to keep it clean, pure and healthy in order to contribute to the care of the Environment.

It is visited by kitesurf lovers for its waves and cozy atmosphere that is perfect for this sport. Diving is also spectacular, since you will be able to appreciate that beautiful underwater world that the sea possesses.

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How to get to Los Cocos Beach: