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Sunken Galleons off the Coast of Monte Cristi!

Sunken Galleons are the remains of more than 15 sunken galleons from the 14th, 16th and 17th centuries found in shallow water off the coast of Montecristi and accessible to beginning divers.

Among them are artifacts and historical pieces such as: Los Cañones de Tebo, Los Perfumes, Bolas de Musket, Los Ladrillos, Las Pipas, Las Porcelanas, Grandes Cañones and Punta Luna. Excursions are available every day throughout the year when weather conditions allow.

These submerged treasures under the sea contain more than 400 sunken galleons with historical pieces of more than 500 years, which for explorers is something impressive, since it is something unique, you will see pieces that you can only see in museums.

Under the transparent waters of Montecristi it is possible to dive among submerged forests, large rock walls and spectacular coral areas. As if this were not enough, and to accompany nature, in the waters of Montecristi there is a new underwater museum.

It is the most complete point, ideal for all kinds of aquatic activities, night diving, or deep diving and the only one that combines the three landscapes in the same route. It has the great advantage of being only 2 kilometers from the coast, so it can be reached in 30 minutes by boat, as well as being an area totally separated from the winds. Unlike other sites, the coasts of La Isla can be dived even on days with waves and wind.

To continue to surprise divers, while exploring shallower depths, they are guided among more than 15 submerged galleons, forests and steamboats that reach incomparable beauty when the sun plays between their fine silhouettes.

Among the important castaways are:

  • The wreck of the Villette Wreck
  • The shipwreck of Los Mosaicos
  • The shipwreck of Los Perfumes
  • The shipwreck of Los Cañones
  • The Bola de Musket shipwreck

These beautiful Caribbean waters can be the perfect setting for a fascinating adventure in Montecristi, for lovers of underwater life, it is impressive and you should come and live this experience.

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How to get to The Sunken Galleons: