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El Derrumbao Beach

El Derrumbao Beach is a beautiful beach with great attractions that is located in the south of Baní in the Peravia province, Dominican Republic. It should be noted that its calm waters and the people who visit it make this place a perfect place to meditate and enjoy.

Visitors say that although it is a public beach, beautiful by the way, its waters are crystal clear and it is in the open sea, and the most striking thing is that being open sea does not have a breakwater, however its waters are very calm, it is not easy access to get to it, you get there driving completely through the sand that is very fine extra fine “like Salinas”. It does a lot of honor to its name. “The collapse”.

A wonderful place remote, but not far from the grocery stores, hotels and restaurants of Salinas de Puerto Hermoso. Ideal for fishing, diving, water sports in general or to enjoy its hot sun and crystal clear waters.

El Derrumbao Beach is a beach that has incredible coral reefs. It is not possible to imagine the beauty of the place until you manage to submerge in its waters, to enter you have to be careful, because there is a natural barrier of fire corals and sea urchins which can cause damage if you risk crossing. I recommend looking for some small paths to enter deep water.

The place is Virgin, the hand of man has not yet done significant damage, you can find plastic waste that visitors leave in the place or, failing that, is dragged by the breeze from the Salinas, which is very close to the place.

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