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Punta Salinas, an extraordinary place!

Punta Salinas is one of the most extraordinary places in the Caribbean that is located in Baní, it constitutes one of the most beautiful and little explored exotic paradises in the Peravia province, this natural setting configured by a strip of land, is bordered like no other in the country, a variety of attractions to enjoy.

For some it is an enigmatic place where legends of mermaid apparitions have been woven, for others an earthly paradise created between two beaches, demarcating the border between the Bay of Las Calderas (to the east) and the Bay of Ocoa (to the west), constituting at the midpoint of two relevant attractions from an ecological perspective for the Peravia province, since this is one of the coastal areas with the greatest demand for protection.

In addition, Punta Salinas has in front of the Dunes; to the north the Loma del Curro, the Corbanitos and to the south Las Salinas, with its mountains of salt and colorful houses of wood and zinc. Its narrowest part does not exceed 20 meters and in its widest expansion, it barely reaches 400 meters, thus creating a silhouette “in a capricious way”, as experts on the matter say, which simulates being another island, surrounded by blue-green water and lead-colored sand.

The beach that forms Punta Salinas is ideal for tourists looking to get away from the noise that traditional tourism normally produces, this area is a combination of desert terrain and small mountains which feed the need for speed of local windsurfers who visit it every weekend. of week.

Arriving at Punta Salinas, surrounded by the beach, you will find the Punta Salinas Tourist Parador, a proposal created by businessman Franklin Díaz Reyes with the interest of making a private investment tourism project open to the people compatible.

It is an infrastructure with the appearance of a modern-style shack that consists of a restaurant specializing in seafood, as well as dance and entertainment areas for children.

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