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Perelló Cultural Center

The Perelló Cultural Center is located in the municipality of Baní in the Peravia province, the Center is one of the main cultural spaces in the Dominican Republic where various cultural events, exhibitions, shows, among other activities are held.

The Perelló Cultural Center is considered one of the most dynamic cultural institutions in the Caribbean region. Its actions in the arts, culture, education and the environment transcend the local borders, dimensioning its contributions and those of Baní to the national and international scene, with projects and initiatives that link its impact on the social and the community, marking an indelible mark and furrowing hopes for a new generation educated in values.

Centro Cultural Perelló was founded by the Perelló family, owners of Industrias Banilejas (INDUBAN). The original idea came from the businessman Don Manuel de Jesús Perelló Báez who initially thought of creating a library that would serve as an educational legacy for his people. With the changes and broad cultural needs, the idea of ​​the library expanded into a larger building for community development of the arts and education.

Since its inception, the center was conceived as a space for culture, education, the arts, in its various manifestations; and the sustainable environment, its physical infrastructure is designed for the creation and use of programs and projects focused on the integral growth of the human being. It is considered the most ambitious sociocultural development project in the Peravia province and one without precedent for the Dominican south.

This beautiful and interesting place has permeated, step by step, step by step, the rungs of the long-awaited social and cultural development for which it was created, providing Baní, for the first time, with a serious cultural agenda established under the firm objectives of achieve the integration and appropriation, by the new generations, of their local identity to preserve, protect and spread it.

This interesting place was officially founded in 2011 and within what it presents are:

  • An exhibition hall intended for temporary exhibitions.
  • A teaching room and a multipurpose room for talks, courses, workshops, seminars and meetings.
  • A large auditorium with capacity for 150 people and equipped with modern multimedia equipment.
  • A media library that has a complete collection of books, photographs, magazines and other documents related to the history and other topics of Baní and the Peravia province.

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