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Punta Salinas Beach

Punta Salinas Beach in Puerto Hermoso, simply known as Punta Salinas, is a beach in the Dominican Republic located in the waters of Las Calderas Bay in the Caribbean Sea, in the Province of Peravia.

Punta Salinas Beach is ideal for practicing Surfing and Kitesurfing 3 throughout the year, as well as Diving, in Salinas you will find the Punta Salinas Tourist Parador made up of an infrastructure that looks like a modern-style shack consisting of a restaurant specializing in seafood, as well as dance and entertainment areas for children and an Army Barracks.

Punta Salinas is located 27 kilometers south of Baní in the Peravia Province, near the Calderas Naval Base of the Dominican Navy near the town of Salinas, it is a spectacular place.

It is a small peninsula in front of the Bahía de Las Calderas with fine grayish sand, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, basically it is made up of two coasts, the east coast in front of the bay (the one most used by bathers) and the west part off the coast of the Caribbean Sea.

It delimits the border between the Bahía de Las Calderas to the east and the Bahía de Ocoa to the west, constituting the midpoint of two ecological attractions for the Peravia province, since this is one of the coastal areas with the greatest demand for protection.

In its narrowest part it does not exceed 20 meters and in its widest part, it barely reaches 400 meters, creating a small peninsula that forms the Bay surrounded by water. There is also the Laguna de El Salado del Muerto, where the salt mines are located.

Among the species, as in the entire bay, are sea turtles, bivalve molluscs, algae and sponges, in the vicinity there are flamingos and the Iguana.

Among the birds are sandpipers (Charadrius alexandrinus and Charadrius wilsonia and Tringa semipalmata), the Gull (Sternula antillarum), among the seabirds is the Diver (Sula leucogaster). There is also the Sea Urchin, especially on the south coast facing the Caribbean Sea and jellyfish called Agua Viva.

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