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The Larimar Museum

The Larimar Museum is a sanctuary of a unique mineral from the Dominican Republic, this variety of pectolite that is only found in the country, constitutes a symbol of the identity and heritage of our country.

The Larimar Museum is an interesting space for those seeking to learn more about this unique semi-precious stone in the world, its extraction, as well as the place where it can be found. In its rooms, historical and scientific information on the findings of Larimar or blue pectolite as it is also known, as well as its different shapes, sizes and colors, which range from

white, blue, green, gray and ruby, among other shades.

As for the Larimar stone, the founder of the museum stated that the color of the pectolite will depend on the amount of copper, zinc or calcium used to make the piece, which can lead to the stone becoming give white, yellow, brown, gray, black, red, violet spots, as well as a combination between them.

The study of larimar or blue pectolite began at the beginning of the last century with the request to the Ministry of Finance, signed by Father Miguel Domingo Fuertes, of the Bahoruco Parish, to obtain the privilege of exploration and exploitation of the mine. This stone was discovered by the priest on the shores of Bahoruco on November 22, 1916, but the mine was never exploited and the blue stones were forgotten.

The popular name of larimar originated with the fusion of “Larissa”, name of the daughter of Miguel Méndez and “Mar” which is the site where this stone was found for the first time, this interesting beautiful mineral is native to the Dominican Republic.

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