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El Cachote, a protected paradise!

El Cachote is an incredible cloud forest protected area, with a small community that lives at 1,097 meters above sea level belonging to the Sierra de Bahoruco, but which belongs to the Province of Barahona.

A hidden treasure in Dominican, located in Barahona, 2 hours from the entrance of the Ciénaga community, where virgin nature abounds and peculiar people tell stories from Indians in Loincloths, Gagas, Witches and all kinds of superstitions.

The route that leads to El Cachote begins in the community of La Ciénega, in Barahona, and involves a 20-kilometer journey that would seem twice as long for those who are doing the route for the first time.

The trip, which can be done by mule or truck, is a real joy not only because of the cold temperatures, but also because of the display of ferns, bromeliads, orchids, green ebony and other endemic plants.

You will find trails where you can observe tropical flora, including bromeliads and wild orchids, as well as a series of hiking trails for excellent bird watching, with 31 native species that inhabit this mountainous region.

Among ebony trees, wind sticks, manaclares, red sticks, cacheos… and multi-colored flowers, their birds will welcome us with their songs in this distant garden covered by clouds at 1,175 m altitude (masl); a cloud forest on the eastern slope of the Sierra de Bahoruco.

There is a visitor center, as well as the Canto del Jilguero guesthouse, which offers two rustic cabins for overnight stays, so bring warm clothing if you plan to spend the night here.

In this cloud forest, where nature offers more than one manifestation of beauty, a community decided to protect the natural resources that surround their environment as a treasure.

When you get to the steep hills of the aforementioned area, where the Padre Miguel Fuerte ecological reserve is located, you can see the value of the locals who, integrated into a cooperative, receive direct benefits from the tourist activity.

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How to get to El Cachote: