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Los Patos Natural Spa, Barahona

Los Patos Natural Spa is a beautiful place in the Caribbean that is characterized by having a part of natural pools formed by the Los Patos river, the shortest in the Antilles, located next to the beach of the same name, located in Barahona.

The waters of the pool are crystal clear and cold, because the river starts at the foot of one of the mountains of Paraíso until it ends at the beautiful Los Patos beach. It is one of the favorite beaches for both locals and tourists, so you should not miss out on visiting such a striking spectacle. You can spend a wonderful day alternating between both waters or enjoying the one you like the most.

In the pool you will share space with the numerous fish that inhabit the river, very used to being fed by visitors, so you can offer them some food if you wish.

Surely you have heard that the Los Patos Spa is “the smallest river in the world”. The area is known for its fish shacks, and for the icy waters, in which you can swim from the beginning of the river to where it ends.

The Los Patos Natural Spa area is one where you will find a lot of fun, this tourist attraction combines one of the smallest rivers in the world with a beautiful beach with turquoise blue waters.

The Los Patos River is known as the smallest river in the Caribbean and on weekends thousands of Dominicans come to its cold waters to combat the hot temperatures of the region. In the area of ​​the river in the Balneario Los Patos you will also find dozens of food kiosks that offer the fresh catch of the day and drinks for your enjoyment.

In the beach area you will also find a picturesque boardwalk perfect for taking several photos, especially in a lifeguard tower that you will find in the area, access to this spa is free of charge, if you visit it on the weekend try to arrive early so that Find a comfortable area to sit.

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