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Mata de Maíz Fall, Barahona!

Mata de Maíz Fall is a wonder for lovers of nature and ecotourism, the place is a bit remote, it is advisable to go early to fully enjoy this magical place.

This beautiful river is located within the Sierra de Bahoruco in the community of Polo in Barahona, known for its blue and cold waters, it is one of the places you should go to see if you decide to go to the southern part of the DR.

If you want to go independently, you should know that it is recommended to go in 4×4 off-road vehicles, if you go in a normal vehicle, you will have to walk approximately 40 minutes through narrow and steep paths, it is an ideal place to rest and cool off and you can visit it together to the whole family.

The place is very crowded on weekends and holidays, on the other hand on weekdays it is very quiet and therefore very pleasant to spend a good time with family and friends and enjoy the crystal clear waters of an incomparable blue color. There are some deep spots and some shallow ones, so watch out for visitors who don’t know how to swim as well as children.

After arriving at Mata de Maíz, remember to explore upriver so you can enjoy puddles and waterfalls, it is possible to drive to the Las Auyamas Mata de Maíz river, but you need a 4×4 style vehicle, but there is parking 10 minutes walk from the swimming pool. You can bring food and drink, but don’t forget to leave with your trash.

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How to get to the Mata de Maíz Fall: