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The Magnetic Pole, unique in Barahona!

The Magnetic Pole is a unique attraction that many people go to that place to experience what it does, it should be noted that Polo is a municipality in the Dominican Republic, which is located in the province of Barahona.

The set of points on the globe that is located in the polar areas and that, due to the Earth’s magnetic field, exerts attraction on the magnetized elements, is known as the magnetic pole.

The municipality is located in the southwest of the Dominican Republic, and is known for its high green mountains suitable for the cultivation of fine coffee, located at more than 700 meters above sea level, this highland municipality is known for its production of organic coffee, being blessed with the perfect soil and climate conditions to create a rich, dark blend exported abroad.

Every year, around the month of October, Polo celebrates its harvest with the Festicafé, a lively festival of organic coffee, which promotes environmental conservation. The drive to this scenic mountainous area is part of the attraction, including a stop at the optical illusion known as the Magnetic Pole, a phenomenon in which the car appears to climb a magnetic portion of the mountainous road when put in reverse.

If you place the car or a bottle in the lowest part of the road, the object returns on its own creating a fun question whose explanation we leave to your imagination. Take your time on the scenic roads and get to know an unexpected side of the Dominican Republic, with cold temperatures.

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How to get to the Magnetic Pole: