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Las Yayitas waterfall, a paradise of Baní!

Las Yayitas waterfall is an incredible waterfall about ten meters high with great attractions that is located in the north of the province of Peravia, about twenty kilometers from Bani, in the community of the same name, it is a pleasant walk for lovers of nature and ecotourism, the development of local and foreign tourism helps the development of this small community.

It is a beautiful place, the water is fresh and crystal clear, the waterfall is in the middle of a rocky canyon which is surrounded by exuberant vegetation, it is the ideal place to disconnect from the city and the noise. Above the waterfall there is a pond where the water from the El Maniel River arrives before flowing into the Bani River that will end its way to the Caribbean Sea.

Access to Las Yayitas waterfall is not very easy, you need good shoes to get there as you have to cross the river several times. For local and foreign tourists it is preferable to be accompanied by a villager who knows this magnificent waterfall well.

The waterfall is located about eighty kilometers from Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, north of the province of Peravia, at the foot of the central mountain range, this place is a beautiful paradise that serves as the lung of that part of the island.

The Las Yayitas waterfall has the peculiarity that, from its height, you can see the rock canyons that protect it and the thick foliage that surrounds the mountain ranges that form the Central Cordillera.

In the back, above, there is a spacious pond, where the water of the El Maniel river meets, to fall into the Baní riverbed and make the area a paradisiacal place, to reach the tourist attraction you have to cross four times, for various points, the Baní River and walk more than 70 meters through the almost frosty area of ​​the tributary’s bed.

The visit of tourists and hikers has allowed an improvement in the economy of the locals, who have been organizing themselves to protect and exploit the water resource for tourism.

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How to get to Las Yayitas waterfall: