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The San Martín De Porres Sanctuary

The San Martín De Porres Sanctuary is a beautiful sanctuary created by believers, those whose faith moves mountains. In Baní, the construction of the sanctuary was fulfilled, a stone monument with impressive stories.

It is a place for pilgrimage built by the believers of the community of Las Tablas, following the guidelines of the Canadian priest Roberto Hymusskm, the place is charming, it reflects the love with which it was built, according to what the person in charge of taking care of the sanctuary, who only identifies himself as Hermano Marcos.

Thus, at the beginning of 1977 and with the help of men and women from the communities of Matanzas and Las Tablas, he began to make his dream come true, on a hill more or less 10 meters high, from where you can see the extensive panorama of the town of Baní and an entire unmistakable subtropical forest full of cambrones, cayucos, guasábaras and many other species typical of dry areas.

The San Martín De Porres Sanctuary was a dream of Father Roberto Hymusskm, who until his death in 1995 was the parish priest of the place, according to brother Marcos, many of the visitors climb the immense stone staircase to where it is the dark saint, to request the favor of curing his sorrows; economic, health and emotional precariousness.

The sanctuary is surrounded by a beautiful natural view and several cabins that welcome delegations from churches that carry out retreats, it is incredible all the promises fulfilled that with faith have asked God and that in the end have been blessed.

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