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Arroyo Grande Waterfall or Los Bueyes Fall

Arroyo Grande Waterfall or Los Bueyes Fall is a beautiful waterfall over 7 meters high located within the community of Los Bueyes in the heights of the Espaillat Province, known for protecting the most beautiful rivers within its mountains.

This waterfall is a jewel of nature, it has crystal clear and cold waters and is surrounded by beautiful vegetation that will make your stay there one of the best, the pool where the water from the waterfall falls has deep parts and others not so deep. , which makes it suitable to enjoy with the whole family.

To get to it you will have to do it in a 4×4 vehicle since the path to it is rocky, however if you do it in a normal vehicle you will have to leave the vehicle at the top and descend on a walk that at a slow pace takes us approximately 2 hours down the mountain.

Upon arriving at this place, its visitors are captivated and extremely fascinated by the pleasant impression of being in front of an unimaginable natural event, this impressive place preserves that virginal charm characteristic of the Dominican fields.

Full of cheerful colors that nature gives us without asking us for anything in return. Here the freshness of the crystal clear waters combined with the shade produced by the splendor of the vegetation. They make visitors feel like they are in a place where only the imagination of the most ingenious is capable of transporting them.

It is one of the great attractions of the area. Its crystal clear waters invite you to immerse yourself in them, the Arroyo Grande river is what gives the formation of this impressive fall, it should be noted that it is the great natural attractions that the Dominican Republic has.

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How to get to Arroyo Grande Waterfall or Los Bueyes Fall: