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Jamao River, vegetation and purity!

Jamao River is located in the south of the province of Puerto Plata, the Río Jamao reveals some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the Dominican Republic, where you can walk surrounded by forests and swim in natural pools, the turquoise color of its waters They stand out as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Espaillat.

The displacement of vacationers within the national territory represents an opportunity for the tourism sector in the Dominican Republic, after the effects of the coronavirus on the economy due to the closure of borders, social confinement and the paralysis of commercial activities.

Internal tourism not only highlights the beauty of the Dominican Republic, but also serves as a means of livelihood for families who live in places that offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy exclusive charms. Such is the case of the turquoise color of the waters of Los Tinajones, a spa that has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Jamao al Norte, in the Espaillat province.

The objective is to publicize the tourist attractions of the municipality with the largest reserve of water and vegetation in Espaillat, Jamao Ecotours was created, a company that contributes directly to the local economy, a community tourism project that integrates all the services of the residents who have been prepared to give the best attention to tourists.

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How to get to the Jamao River: CLICK HERE!