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Rogelio Beach, a wonderful corner of the Caribbean!

Rogelio Beach is a wonder which is characterized by its golden sand and its crystal clear and warm waters, located in Gaspar Hernández of the Espaillat Province.

This idyllic place is part of the Esmeralda Bay, which is in the area known as “La Yagua”. Its golden sands and warm, transparent waters give it the typical appearance of a tropical paradise. Visited by both residents and foreign tourists, it stands out as a good place to spend a great day at the beach with the whole family.

Since it is a very busy beach, it does not lack any type of service. The shore and the water always look clean and it has numerous booths that give the place a certain tourist air.

This beautiful place has captured the attention not only of the residents of Gaspar Hernández but also of foreign and Creole tourists who have realized that they can enjoy a semi-virgin tropical paradise.

The interesting thing about Playa Rogelio is that when you arrive, Playa Rogelio is the one that welcomes you, causing the visitor to immediately want to take a dip. Likewise, thanks to the support of the community centers, the conditions have been created so that the food near the beach has not only excellent service, but also good presentation.

Everything around it enjoys hygiene, garbage cans and above all there are booths that give a tourist nuance to the place, an unusual initiative compared to other centers of sale of Creole food, in different beaches of the country.

Apart from the beach, this place is very famous for selling fish, with a unique flavor that can only be found in this resort, according to interviewed tourists. To taste this and other seafood, the beach has the Boulevard del Pescado, where each existing stall in the surroundings will offer you the best fish services.

It is good to point out that the prices are quite affordable, so sometimes you tend to eat more than one dish, both for the quality of the service and for the typical flavor of each of the cooks.

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How to get to Rogelio Beach: CLICK HERE!