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Visita Dominicana

Magic Mushroom, a place of magic and purity!

The Magic Mushroom is one of the most unique places on the entire island, it is a waterfall whose rocks have been eroded into a peculiar mushroom shape, creating a beautiful water show that enchants your senses.

This excursion is only suitable for people in good physical shape and adventure lovers, since to access this place you have to do a canyoning descent with several simple waterfalls and also abseil, it is located in Moca, Espaillat province.

The Magic Mushroom, by its name in English, and by its mushroom shape, round above and finer below; This adventure in a canyon offers an exciting day of canyoning and rappelling in the refreshing rivers of the Espaillat Province.

You will need to be in good physical condition for this activity, but the rest will be taken step by step, from small and optional big jumps, to a couple of intense 60-meter abseils. Rest and cool off with a dip in the river or on the beach, less than an hour’s drive away.

It is one of those secrets that hide the hills of Espaillat in the Dominican Republic. An exclusive adventure that you will not find anywhere else, Ideal for lovers of adrenaline and virgin places.

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How to get to the Magic Mushroom: