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The Jamao River, a spectacular place!

The Jamao River exhibits part of the most beautiful Dominican natural landscape, where you can walk along paths surrounded by forest, as well as swim in fresh river water pools located in the Espaillat Province (Moca).

The River divides the Espaillat de Salcedo province and the Partido River flows into the Jamao forming a T. This point where the two rivers converge is called La Confluencia where the first puddle of the Partido River is called Boca de Partido, one of the prettier.

The wonderful color of this river is always maintained, even if it rains. This light blue color is due to a whitish substance that covers all the rocks at the bottom that combines with sunlight and the reflection of the trees to give it this light blue effect rarely seen in a river.

Many attribute this river to the province of Espaillat (Moca), but in its entirety the river is located in Salcedo in the community of Jamao Afuera. Something also has an account that the waters are deep, so the safest thing would be to use lifejacket.

The journey is for adventurers but it is worth every effort we make to get to this wonderful place, when you get there you find a virgin nature with crystal clear waters and a phenomenal greenery of its trees and it is also ideal to get out of the comfort zone that you are used to having a great time with your family or alone if you wish.

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How to get to The Jamao River: