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Cola de Pato, Espaillat Province!

Cola de Pato is a canyon of turquoise blue waters hidden in the heart of the Jamao mountains, to the north in the Espaillat Province, it should be noted that the Dominican Republic is full of impressive places, many of them not very well known and full of nature Virgin who falls in love from the first moment to those who visit it for the first time, such is the case of Cola de Pato.

It is a place that not many people know of its existence and its exotic natural beauty will make you feel that you are in a true paradise, this place is one of the favorites for the most adventurous, people who like to experience true adventures, without fear long hours of intense walking, jumping into the river from a rock that can measure up to 10 meters high and that plunge into the depths of this natural paradise to enjoy a variety of rivers and puddles that will leave more than one shaken with the particular color of its waters.

To get to this hidden treasure, you need to be in excellent physical condition, since you have to walk approximately 10 kilometers round trip, climb a fairly steep mountain that can take almost an hour to get out of the place towards the highway.

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes or comfortable shoes that do not slip very easily so that the experience is as smooth as possible. Once in the city of Moca, Espaillat Province, take the road to the municipality of San Víctor Moca, a road that It will take them to the mountains of Jamao al Norte.

Before starting to go up, do not miss the opportunity to taste the tasty pork rinds typical of the area that adorn the streets of this industrious community, you will love them and in addition to the hospitality of the locals it is something phenomenal.

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How to get to Cola de Palo: