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Three-Dimensional Street in Moca, Espaillat Province

Three-Dimensional Street is located right in front of one of the most emblematic places in Moca, which is the Plazoleta 26 de Julio Museum. This street full of color and culture invites visitors to explore through the lens of their cameras and with their own eyes how the different scenarios that are painted on the ground can transport us to a different dimension.

From a higher angle the photos are very cool and make us believe that we are falling down a waterfall or flying on a paper plane. It is not very long and it is good to visit it and there are not usually many people, so it is good to get good photos and videos of this very interesting and unusual experience.

Hundreds of people living in different locations in the Central Cibao have come to this city to enjoy the 26 de Julio street that was painted in three-dimensional form, the first of its kind in the Dominican Republic.

The architect of the work was Juan Alberto Tejada (Iki), who said that it is the first work that is achieved in 3D on pavement in the country, and that the general concept is to highlight the history, art, culture and even the gastronomy of the province. .

The creators of the striking project of the Three-Dimensional Street of Moca, set out to highlight the history, art, culture and even the gastronomy of the province highlights a publication in Diario Libre.

But working three-dimensional “is not an easy matter, since it starts from an illusory concept, transforming reality into an optical illusion, where the image is only appreciated if it is observed from a different point of view than usual,” says Julio Tejada, professor of painting in Fine Arts and responsible for painting the attractive and impressive three-dimensional street of Moca.

In one of the lines you can see a paper plane, but also the most important buildings that the city has, it is a wonderful place to capture this beautiful experience in photos and videos, this beautiful province has great tourist attractions for the most demanding tastes .

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