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Dudu Lagoon, caves, forests and beauty!

Dudu Lagoon is one of the most beautiful natural attractions on the north coast, Dudu Lagoon’s series of turquoise freshwater lagoons, surrounded by caves and lush forests, will have you swimming all day. Located in Cabrera, about two hours east of Puerto Plata, and an hour from Playa Grande, this park offers plenty of outdoor activities.

Swim or rent a kayak to explore these waters, visit one of the caves on foot, or try the impromptu zipline, which will launch you from a height of 10 meters to the deepest lagoon. On the farm, you will find a restaurant and bar and many green areas to relax all day.

The Dudú is the only place in the world where cavers can dive from one natural lake to another. It is located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, very close to Diamante beach, just 25 km from Nagua.

This place is made up of two lagoons communicated with each other, as well as with the sea, although this last exchange takes place in a more indirect way. The Dudú lagoon has a depth of 32 m and is surrounded by a dense forest that covers the ravines that surround it.

In the surroundings of the Dudú lagoon you can find various caves where you can see formations of stalactites and stalagmites that the water has been forming, however, in the Taíno cave you will find the best place to contemplate the pre-Columbian art that decorates its walls of 30 m in length.

In addition to speleology, refreshing baths, fun jumping off the rocks or an interesting visit to the caves, this complex has other services such as food and accommodation.

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