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Great Lagoon of Nagua

The Great Lagoon of Nagua is a beautiful natural spring and coastal freshwater wetland located in the community of La Boba, north of the province of María Trinidad Sánchez, on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

It is formed by the Boba and Bacuí rivers, and a series of pipes such as Zanjón, Los Lebranchos, La Garza, among others. It has an extension of 15.4kms, with 4.5 kilometers covered with mangroves. It is a wildlife refuge where the tall palm trees are combined with mangroves of underground origin, the same as the fresh waters of the lakes that are in its interior mix with the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic Ocean where its waters flow.

The Great Lagoon is one of the main ecological corners of the María Trinidad Sánchez province and a destination that deserves to be taken into account in the tourist route of the Costa Verde, the coastline covered with abundant vegetation that borders this province.

It is an ecosystem where the species of red mangrove, white mangrove and black mangrove are conserved in their natural state and whose natural conditions correspond to those of the humid forest and the marine coastal forest. There is also an area with coastal dunes over a meter high.

The fauna of the Great Lagoon in Nagua is composed of 30 species of fish, 8 crustaceans, 21 species of birds and 11 species of important flora, typical of the coasts. Around 250 families live in the surroundings of the Lagoon and 70% of these survive thanks to fishing. It was declared a protected area in 1995, mainly to prevent indiscriminate fishing that threatened the lake’s fish species.

As of 2010, the Great Lagoon was conditioned as an ecotourism destination and opened to the public. Currently, boat tours and horseback riding are offered, as well as food services with traditional dishes that mix seafood and coconut.

The Great Lagoon is located approximately 14 kilometers north of Nagua in the province of María Trinidad Sánchez in the north of the Dominican Republic. For visitors who come to this protected area, they can enjoy boat tours and horseback riding. There are also food and beverage services.

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