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El Caleton Beach, María Trinidad Sánchez!

El Caleton Beach is a beautiful and cozy crescent-shaped beach, Playa Caletón is one of the favorites in the area, surrounded by green vegetation and a rocky landscape, some rocks have sculpted faces of Taino chiefs which gives a mystical air .

This beach is easily accessible from the fishing village of Río San Juan. The entrance is located on the road between Río San Juan and Playa Grande and the golf complex. A visit to this beach is usually included in excursions to Laguna Gri-Gri and the surrounding shores.

El Caletón is a beach of just over 100 meters in length nestled between the rocky coast between Punta Morón and Punta Lanza del Norte. It is little visited, but of incredible natural beauty. Enjoy the connection with nature in the crystal clear waters of the beach.

It is a perfect setting for the enjoyment of the senses and to organize your mind where it should be, it is also one of those virgin paradises that everyone should know and give themselves the opportunity to open their senses and be filled with peace.

El Caleton Beach is a beautiful beach that is relatively small but quiet (except on weekends and holidays when there are a little more people), clean, the water is crystal clear and warm. It is the perfect place to go alone, with friends or the person you want.

It is located in a cove and therefore the beach is protected from the wind and waves. In the sea there are rocks that protrude from the water, it is a good place to snorkel and admire the seabed and the multicolored fish.

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How to get to El Caleton Beach: CLICK HERE!