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Gri-Gri Lagoon, a beautiful spring in the Caribbean!

Gri-Gri Lagoon is located in the fishing village of Río San Juan, approximately 100 kilometers east of Puerto Plata, Laguna Gri-Gri is one of the largest bird sanctuaries in the country, it is located in the María Trinidad Sánchez Province.

Before 1958, the lagoon was only a spring that communicated with the sea through a stream, but after an earthquake, the groundwater rose to the surface and formed the Gri-Gri lagoon.

Boat rides on this tranquil mangrove-flanked lagoon are available at any time of day, but the best time is definitely at sunset, when you’ll be able to see egrets and vultures soaring and screeching above the mangroves as the boat passes by. narrow channels that eventually flow into the sea.

The Gri-Gri Lagoon is one of the main natural attractions of the municipality of Rio San Juan, it is an area of ​​majestic beauty and mass tourism is still not very developed but it has enough hotels and entertainment venues for all its visitors. visitors.

Every day there are excursions that are led by experts and take a 30-minute tour that begins in the lagoon and goes through a natural channel that reaches the sea, on the way you can take a bath and see the caves of the swallows where a large number of them lay their eggs each year.

Daily guided boat tours include a stop at Cueva de Las Golondrinas, facing a shallow turquoise cove where you can take a swim. The tour ends at the magical Playa Caletón to enjoy one of the wonderful beaches of Río San Juan.

It is the paradise of those who love nature and the observation of tropical birds, and whose name refers to the abundance of this species of tree in the area. In addition, the thick mangrove forest that separates it from the magnificent beaches of Los Muertos and Los Minos, shelters the Bird Sanctuary, where thousands of birds make their home.

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