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The Broke Beach, the place for Bodyboarding!

The Broke Beach, located in Nagua, capital of the María Trinidad Sánchez province, is one of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic to practice Bodyboarding, due to its excellent waves and good tubes.

On this beach, one of the most prominent locals, Martín Perez, better known as Martín Imbert, practices. Recently this beach has had a lot of activity with bodyboarders, since it is a beach that is generally maintained with very good waves.

If you are like me who loves marine life, I invite you to never miss snorkeling masks and your favorite gear, you will surely find wonders of nature with which to delight your eyes.

Interesting description of Playa El Broke:

  • Ideal swell: 4 to 6 feet.
  • Breaks on shore.
  • Swells on both sides.
  • Water temperature: 28º C to 30º C.
  • Location: Atlantic Ocean.
  • Experience level: medium to high.

A very popular beach in the area, it is huge, strong waves and plenty of space to sit with the family, you just park to the right and choose your spot. The best beach for Bodyboarding in the entire Dominican Republic (Medium and Pro), full of people on weekends, friendly and tolerant locals.

Note: this beach is NOT recommended as a spa, only for water sports. Always go to places where you and your family feel safe.

The María Trinidad Sánchez province offers its visitors a wide variety of beaches. Here you can find beaches for surfing, diving or just lounging in the sun. There are beaches where the water is calm and shallow that are safe for small children. There are also beaches with access to restaurants and gift shops that are discreetly located away from the beach so as not to spoil the scenery.

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How to get to The Broke Beach: CLICK HERE!